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William Pegg

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I enter the line command, then pick a starting point then press enter then enter in the command prompt @113.66<N5D27'23"W and I get nothing.

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Try this:

If your first point is entered from the keybord, then you must press <enter> after it. But in your case, if you pick the first point, don't press <enter>. Just start typing @113.....

Watch the command prompt: when the Line command is started, it says "enter the first point". You answered that selecting a point on the screen. When you clicked that point, the command prompt says "enter next point". Pressing <enter>, you entered a void answer, so AutoCAD will end the command.

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A comment, its more advanced but there is some lisps out there that make the entry of the dist & brg a little easier, using a DCL so you type each part separately. I don't use N5D27'23"W where I am, we use full circle bearings with North at zero. It means you can look at it before you hit ok. Rather than type it wrong and have it rejected or draw incorrectly, also has a close or calculate miss close in some cases. Side shots and so on.


Someone may be able to help you with something already done. Will have a think. 


Maybe do a Google. 



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