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Help with the Circle Multileader

Seth M

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circle multileader used to open up a text edit when I would place one down but now I have to double click it to add any text. It used to open the multileader up for an input for text after inserting it but now its just another step and I got a gaming mouse and I used to be able to put a lot of multileader really fast but now its just a hindrance. and yes I'm fairly new to AutoCAD so I hope I didn't sound to ignorant the way I asked.


so I have asked my coworker how to fix this but he and I both cant figure it out, when inserted it comes in like this instead of opening up the edit attributes right away, like every other computer in my office opens up the edit attributes right after inserting. If anyone knows how to fix this I would really appreciate it. and I wasn't sure which forum it should be posted in so if this is the wrong one I'm sorry


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Thank you!

ATTREQ worked perfectly I knew it had to be something so simple that I just could not figure out without some help. thanks again. SLW210

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Thank you for reporting back with the solution. It is a great way to help others with a problem if they see some feedback.

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