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Modify First Vertex of multi areas (polygons) to vertex more to north


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Oh, I see now.


There's a function that replaces the list of coordinates

(vlax-put (vlax-ename->vla-object ent) 'coordinates coords)


So I read the coordinates, set the most North one to 0, then replace the coordinates.


Like this:

Command MFV for Modify First Vertex



;; LW Vertices  -  Lee Mac
;; Returns a list of lists in which each sublist describes
;; the position, starting width, ending width and bulge of the
;; vertex of a supplied LWPolyline
(defun LM:LWVertices ( e )
    (if (setq e (member (assoc 10 e) e))
                (assoc 10 e)
                (assoc 40 e)
                (assoc 41 e)
                (assoc 42 e)
            (LM:LWVertices (cdr e))
(defun getVertices ( pline / verts vert res)
	(setq verts (LM:LWVertices (entget pline) ))
	(setq res (list))
	(foreach vert verts
		(setq p (cdr (assoc 10 vert)))
		(setq res (append res (list p)))

;; returns the index of the vertex with the max Y value
(defun getMaxYVert ( verts / maxY i ind)
	(setq maxY nil)
	(setq ind 0)
	(setq i 0)
	(foreach a verts
		(if (= nil maxY)
			(setq maxY (nth 1 a))
			(if (> (nth 1 a) maxY)
					(setq ind i)
					(setq maxY (nth 1 a))
		(setq i (+ i 1))

;; MFV for Modify First Vertex
(defun c:MFV ( / ss i j ent verts maxYindex verts2 coords)
	(setq ss (ssget (list (cons 0 "*POLYLINE") (cons 70 1))))
	(setq i 0)
	(repeat (sslength ss)
		;;(princ "\n")
		(setq ent (ssname ss i))
		(setq verts (getVertices ent))
		(setq maxYindex (getMaxYVert verts))
		(setq coords (list))		;; new list of coordinates. (list x0 y0 x1 y1 x2 y2...), rearraned to have the most North one first
		(setq j 0)
		(princ maxYindex)
		(repeat (length verts)
			(setq coords (append coords (list
				(nth 0 (nth (rem (+ j maxYindex) (length verts)) verts))
				(nth 1 (nth (rem (+ j maxYindex) (length verts)) verts))
			(setq j (+ j 1))
		;; now replace the verices verts by coords
		(vlax-put (vlax-ename->vla-object ent) 'coordinates coords)
		;;(princ coords)
		(setq i (+ i 1))


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