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Quoting upon Reply...

Lee Mac

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This may be more of a question rather than feedback, as I am not sure it can't be done already, but I'll ask it anyway.


When posting a reply, I sometimes want to quote a previous post and so I click onto the "quote" button, located at the bottom of the aforementioned post.


Upon doing so, the entire post is quoted and I have to edit the reply (which, when it also contains a lot of code, can be very tedious...), before posting my reply.


Also, I cannot seem to quote multiple posts in one reply... Obviously I can copy and paste the quote and enclose it with

[/ quote] tags, but then this does not show which user from which the text was quoted.


My suggestion, if it can't be done already, would be too allow the user to highlight the text he/she wants to quote and then click on the "quote" button to quote only the selected text. Also, the ability to quote multiple users would be useful.


Hope I haven't suggested something already raised.


Keep up the good work David - its a great forum.





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It's possible to quote more than one post - click the button next to the Quote-button (the one with the +" on) for every post you want to quote.

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*licks finger and sticks it in the air*


copy the text, hit 'quote', highlight ALL the text between the quote code brackets, paste


of course you're going to lose any coding done on text such as italics, bold, or colour, but the little blue arrow which takes you back to the full post and the name of the user you're quoting will still be there as it should be

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I use multiquote also.

I normally quote the text & to show only selected text I just delete the unwanted text from the quote instead of copy pste & adding quotes.:)

The only thing I don't know is how some time peolple quote the posts from other threads. I have alwyas wonder about that & also some people link posts with the word 'here' or some times the link to other webpages also. How do you people do it?:unsure:

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quote between threads is done with the little button next to the Quote-button - the button with the " on it - that works across threads.


And to make clickies (Strix word, not mine :wink:) - first type the word you want to make clickable, highlight the word (or sentence) and click the icon that looks like a globe with a chain next to it just above the box where you type your text - it's the 6th icon from the left. Then you get a box where you can type your link, or paste a link you've previously copied.

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Don't blame me :shock:


It's a word in common use on SF - but it's usually part of a phrase - intelligent clicky, clicky signature... the technical term is 'intelligent hyperlinks' I believe

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