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LISP routine for Rectangle from Center using Dimensions with specific Angle.


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I am complete newbie to AUTOCAD lisp routines. Been scouring the forums for this specific routine.

Need to draw a rectangle with center as the starting point then input the dimensions & lastly set the rotation angle.


Have found this routine online (attached below) but it doesn't include rotation specification. Any help would be appreciated.



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(defun c:pp()
  (setq c (getpoint "center point ")
	a (getdist "side1 ")
	b (getdist "side2 ")
	rot (getangle "rotation? ")
  (setq angs (list (setq ang1 (atan b a)) (- PI ang1 )(+ PI ang1) (- ang1))
	l (* 0.5 (sqrt(+ (* a a) (* b b))))
	plist nil
	i -1)
  (repeat 4
    (setq plist (cons (cons 10 (polar c (+ rot (nth (setq i (1+ i)) angs)) l)) plist)))
  (entmake (append (list  '(0 . "LWPOLYLINE")(cons 100 "AcDbEntity") (cons 100 "AcDbPolyline") '( 90 . 4) '(70 . 1)) plist))

See here a quick one. It could be improved a lot

Welcome in the forum!

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@afroze9 Thanks for the appreciation.

You could change the name to a relevant one. Also *you* could add some functionalities. If the user enters a value for the first side, that value could be offered as default for the next input. If you need a square, at the second side just press enter and the second side will be like the first one.

Also if the desired rotation angle is zero, you could press just enter - zero should be the default value.

We would be happy to see your progress! :)

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Multi GETVALS.lspLook into using my Multi getvals.lsp for input as fuccaro has suggested can have default values preset, like angle at 0.0. Can save the values in current session so next time ran they will be the default values, but maybe a different angle etc.



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