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Modify Dim Layer


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I have my dimensions set to go to the "Dimensions' Layer, But I was wondering if there is a way to get a specific Style to go to a different layer. I use a specific dim style for emgineering that I don't want to print and would like to have it on it's own Non Printing layer. Is there a way to do this automatically without manualy changing the layer?

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I could modify my Layer Director application to achieve this - feel free to drop me a message through my site if you want to go this route.

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How are you with writing a LISP routine? This one is reasonably easy.


Use a Selection Set with a filter to select all dimensions with the dim style you want, something like this:


(setq DimSS (SSGET '((3 . "standard"))) ) ; A selection set filtering for dimstyle 'standard'


and then loop trough this selection set applying an 'entmod' to each for the layer (dxf code 8,)


Something like this:


  (setq acount 0)
  (while (< acount (sslength DimSS))
    (setq MyEnt (ssname DimSS acount))
    (setq ed (entget MyEnt))
    (setq ed (subst (cons 8 "NEWLAYER") (assoc 8 ed) ed ))
    (entmod ed)
    (setq acount (+ acount 1))
  ) ; end while



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I posted some where make little defuns that set the dimension style then sets the layer then calls dim command.


(defun c:10 ( / )
(command "dimstyle" "R" "DIM10")
(setvar 'clayer "DIM10")
(command-s "DIM")

Another method


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