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Reference preloaded dependent dll's


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I am building a .NET app for ACAD 2024 and have a question about dependent DLLs. In the Initialize method of my IExtensionApplication app I have this...

        public void Initialize()
            var editor = AcadLib.Instance.Editor;
            editor.WriteMessage("\nLoading SuperDuperApp v2024.2... ");

                var executingAssemblyLocation = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location;
                var baseDirectory = Path.GetDirectoryName(executingAssemblyLocation);
                editor.WriteMessage("\nSuperDuperApp Support Assemblies... ");
                // support assemblies

This way I should only need to load the top level DLL (automatically, or otherwise) and everything dependent loads during initialization. This is a WPF app living in a palette set and using MVVM. I am using the older Galasoft MVVMLight library because I've found ACAD really doesn't like the newer community version. Too bad.

That CommonServiceLocator is being a problem though. If I don't have the directory with my app in it in the support file search path, ACAD complains that my ViewModelLocator class can't find the CommonServiceLocator, despite it being pre-loaded into the .NET sandbox. Is there a way to specify a search location or should I just let everything load on demand by going through the support search path?

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