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Tengo activadas las propiedades para los sólidos en el CUI, y puedo ver las propiedades geométricas en la tabla de propiedades rápidas (altura, radio) cuando recién hago el elemento en 3D, por ejemplo un cilindro, salvo el archivo y salgo, al reabrir el dibujo no se muestran las propiedades en tabla de las propiedades rápidas, alguien sabe porqué?

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If I'm translating this correctly, the OP added buttons to a toolbar, saved the drawing, and didn't see the buttons when they reloaded the drawing.


I believe you have to save the workspace. Otherwise changes to the CUI don't persist.


If that is not correct, please provide more information or tell me to do a better job translating.


Welcome to the forum!


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Thanks for reading me and your welcome, I thought it would be easier to write my question en spanish, I'll explain what happens, I have, in the CUI activated the properties for all solids for example a cylinder (radio, Height, Z, etc,) so I can edit them in the quick properties tab, I save the drawing and quit, when I reopen the drawing i can't edit the properties in the quick properties tab because they are missing and don't know why? I hope explained correctly what's the problem.


Thanks again Angel

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To show the Quick Properties palette, type QPMODE. You have four options: -1 turns it off but keeps the values; 0 (zero) turns it off; 1 turns it on; and 2 turns it on but only when a suitable object is selected. Since you've set the suitable objects, I assume you're using option 2.


I'm not sure what you want to do. The QP window only gives you meaningful information for one type of object at a time, and it doesn't save those settings from one session to the next. I'm not using 2024, so the full functionality isn't there, and I can't test everything. Sorry.

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Hi Angel, thanks for your help, specifically what I want is to modify the properties of 3D cylinder (height and radius) everytime time I need to, perhaps, as you say, AutoCAD do not keep properties editable for every session, but I have a sphere in the same file and it keeps editable properties in the quick properties tab... that's why no make sense to me..





In this image I already draw a cylinder and appears their properties, in previous is an cylinder draw in last session.  Sometimes the project changes and have to edit the lines and is easier just to edit the properties than draw again the line.  Hope I cleared what I'm looking for.


Again thanks a lot for your time and help.




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