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Oleson Village Penn Foster Scale Bar


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Im pretty much done with the project but when I try to add my scale bar im having issues because of the title block. I cant get a scale that works for my drawing. I believe it coms down to the math for the title block being incorrect. 


The title block is stated to be 24x36, input as 2x3; 1unit = 1ft

the margins are as follows 1u wide on the 24 side, 1/2 a unit for all other margins


The area for the title block is 1¼″ high and extends across the entire width of the bottom border. The following figure shows the correct layout of the title block with the features described below. Divide the title block with vertical lines into six sections. The sections, beginning at the left, are as follows:

The revision block (6″ wide)

A section for signatures (4″ wide)

A section for the company name and logo (9½″ wide)

A section for the engineer’s stamp (6″ wide)

A section for the title of the drawing (8″ wide)

A section for the project number and sheet number (1″ wide)


I need some help getting through this because im just confused at this point

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Ok 1st step in a layout draw a rectang 36 wide by 24 high, that is you sheet of paper explode. Offset it say 1/2" inside 3 sides the top 1" that is your plottable area, a printer has a "Hard CLIP Limit" small sheets its about 1/4" inside the piece of paper.A little more on a big sheet.


Ok the mview last step must fit inside that inner box.


I added all your 6+4+9/12 .... = 34.5 so matches what I suggested for size do a vertical line 1 1/4 high add a full horizontal line.


Ok now do Mview picking the lower left of the new box and upper right of the inner rectang, that will make a view to match that area.



The 1" offset may need to be other side, depends on plotter.




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The way this project is described requires the student to create the titleblock and border in model space not in paper space.  Once it has been created then the student is told to use the SCALE command to scale the titleblock UP such that it can accommodate the placement of the subdivision. 

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