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help creating a field object


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Hi, i'm attempting to create a function (for BricsCAD) which allows a user to select a block & then select a point of insertion for a field object which references a value in the selected block.

Figuring that my first step would be to get the value from the block, (with Lee Mac's attribute functions) i was able to extract the sheet number attribute & simply print it.

(defun c:s2f (/ blk val)
  (setq blk (vlax-ename->vla-object (car (entsel "\nSelect block: "))))
  (setq val (LM:vl-getattributevalue blockEnt "SHEETNUM"))
  (print "\nSheet number: " val "")

(defun LM:vl-getattributevalue ( blk tag )
    (setq tag (strcase tag))
    (vl-some '(lambda ( att ) (if (= tag (strcase (vla-get-tagstring att))) (vla-get-textstring att))) (vlax-invoke blk 'getattributes))

Next, i tried to learn how to create a field. i attempted to modify Lee Mac's quickfield function, but it returns "...does not have SHEETNUM property."
Reading through this topic and this topic has also been quite difficult for me.

i can see that we have to pull the object id & also append the property to the same string to actually reference the field to the block's attribute, but i'm struggling to identify where/how the field command is called (if at all) and how the inputs are processed.

Is it just a text command using the specified "<\\AcObjProp Object(%<\\_ObjId xxxxxx >%).yyyyyy \\f \"zzzzzz">%" in the contents that creates a field?

Are these expressions different to each other? They all seem to be intended to achieve the same thing (returning the ObjId for the above string).

(vla-getobjectidstring (vla-get-utility (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object))) (vlax-ename->vla-object ent) :vlax-false)

(vla-get-objectid (vlax-ename->vla-object ent))

(vlax-get obj 'ObjectID)

(vla-get-objectid entObject)

(vlax-invoke-method util "GetObjectIdString" o :vlax-False)

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If you use Lee Macs function or just Field command this will give you the text string to use for a field - and that can be pasted as text into the drawing.


For example, this:

%<\AcSm Sheet.Number \f "%tc4">%

will create a the current sheet number


You can put text around this if you like such as:

Sheet: %<\AcSm Sheet.Number \f "%tc4">%




For the VLA- functions, it often depends how you selected the object or entity which to use

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