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Curb offset


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Does anyone have a lisp routine to quickly create curb lines? 

I'm looking for a LISP that can be done in one command line and two clicks:

1. Request to select a polyline and change it to P-PVMT-FOC layer

2. Ask to click in a direction above or below the first line, create a new polyline with a 0.5' offset and move this new line to P-PVMT-BOC

3. Create another polyline in the opposite direction from the second one with a 1.5' offset from the initial FOC line and move it to P-PVMT-EOP layer. 


To summarize:

BOC -0.5- FOC -----1.5'----- EOP


Thanks a lot!!!

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@Alexia Give this a try:

(defun c:foo (/ _lyr s)
  ;; RJP » 2024-06-07
  (defun _lyr (e l) (entmod (append (entget e) (list (cons 8 l)))))
  (cond	((setq s (ssget ":L" '((0 . "LWPOLYLINE"))))
	 (foreach e (vl-remove-if 'listp (mapcar 'cadr (ssnamex s)))
	   (_lyr e "P-PVMT-FOC")
	   (and (setq p (getpoint "\nPick 0.5 offset side")) (command "_.offset" 0.5 e p ""))
	   (_lyr (entlast) "P-PVMT-BOC")
	   (and (setq p (getpoint "\nPick 1.5 offset side")) (command "_.offset" 1.5 e p ""))
	   (_lyr (entlast) "P-PVMT-EOP")


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Posted (edited)

Another method, if you pick a pline and want fixed offsets a simple trick is pick near start end, this can give direction of pline then use VLA-Offset  will go left or right then automatically.


; change single pline to multiple
; By AlanH June 2024

(defun c:drawcurb  ( / off1 off2 ent pt obj start end d1 d2 obj2 ent2)
(command "-layer" "m" "P-PVMT-FOC" "C" 1 "" "M" "P-PVMT-BOC" "C" 2 "" "m" "P-PVMT-EOP" "C" 3 "" "") ; added in case layers don't exsit
(setq off1 0.5 off2 1.5)
(setq ent (entsel "\nPick pt near start of pline "))
(setq pt (cadr ent))
(setq obj (vlax-ename->vla-object (car ent)))
(setq start (vlax-curve-getstartPoint obj))
(setq end (vlax-curve-getendPoint obj))
(setq d1 (distance pt start))
(setq d2 (distance pt end))
(if (< d1 d2)
(command "Pedit" ent "R" "")
(setq ent2 (entget (car ent)))
(entmod (subst (cons 8 "P-PVMT-FOC") (assoc 8 ent2) ent2))
(setq obj2 (vla-offset obj off1))
(setq ent2 (entget (entlast)))
(entmod (subst (cons 8 "P-PVMT-BOC") (assoc 8 ent2) ent2))
(setq obj2 (vla-offset obj off2))
(setq ent2 (entget (entlast)))
(entmod (subst (cons 8 "P-PVMT-EOP") (assoc 8 ent2) ent2))

Ps if I have side wrong change change (> d1 d2)

Edited by BIGAL
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