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Sketchup to AutoCad


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Hi all,


need some help! How do I convert Sketchup files into Autocad files??


As much detail as possible please.

Many Thanks


RR Architectural Consultancy

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Well 1st off I moved the thread to the SketchUp forum. To export SketchUp files to AutoCAD you will have to use the "Pro" version of SU. It is the only version that can export to other 3D files (ie... DWG). Now if you have the rpo version you do this through the export area. If you are using the Free Google version then download the 8 hour demo of the Pro version and use it only for exporting and nothing else. This way the 8 hour demo should last a while ;)

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Hmmm...when was that change made? I've ported over drawings from one of the earlier freebie versions with no problem.


Alas you must be mistaken. That was the 1st option left out of the freebie version. No 3D export of any kind except to .kmz format (Google Earth). You also cannot export out to 2D CAD formats. Your only options for 2D export in the free version is raster. I've used SU since v2 and I am 100% certain on this as I have to use this way now since I no longer work at a place that uses SU. I am stuck using the free Google version :(

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I know this was a post from 2007, but what about the current release of SketchUP? Can the free version export to a native DWG file format? Or a more manageable file format? Thanks!

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Nope, you have to have the Pro version for export to other file types. Now as I have hinted at before I run two versions of SketchUp. I use the previous version, v8 to work in and when I need an export I open it in the 8 hour demo of v2013 and export out. This usually takes less than 30 seconds. I only use the current version to import in DWG files and to export out to other 3D formats. Sure, working the system but it's their rules. Also v8 was the last version that one could legally use the free version for real work use.

Hope this helps.

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Yes, the pro version can export to .dwg and a variety of other formats:


In addition to everything you can do with SketchUp, using SketchUp Pro you can:


  • Export in additional 2D formats:
    • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
    • Encapsulated PostScript Format (.eps)
    • Epix (.epx)
    • AutoCAD (.dwg, .dxf)


    [*]Export 3D models in additional formats:

    • 3DS (.3ds)
    • AutoCAD DWG (.dwg)
    • AutoCAD DXF (.dxf)
    • FBX (.fbx).
    • OBJ (.obj)
    • XSI (.xsi)
    • VRML (.vrml)


    [*]Export animations and walkthroughs as MOV with the Mac version of SketchUp, or export AVI files from the Windows version of SketchUp.

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Okay, so can the Pro export as DWG? That's really my real question, haha. Sorry for not clarifying. :)


Remember that AutoCAD 2013 and up has a free sketchup import plugin ;)

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Studio Max 2011 and up can also import Sketchup models. No plug-in needed. Just go to the "Import" dialog and select .skp from the list.

Cool, I installed Max 2014 just the other week.

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Button Export


Care to elaborate? Maybe post a screenshot of your user interface, showing this "Export" button, or an explanation about where this button is located? I don't use Sketchup Pro, but from what I understand, there is no "Export" button. If you want to export to another program you have to go to the "File" menu and choose the "Export" option.


For anyone else reading this thread, here is some useful information on importing and exporting CAD files: https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000165

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