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Viewports - Model space vs Paperspace Active viewport


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Hey everyone,


Hopefully someone can help me out here.

What I am looking to do is to create a lisp that knows the difference between regular model space, paper space and an active viewport in paper space.

I looked into cvport, but to my understanding its just a system variable for PS and MS. cvport = 1 for PS and cvport = 2 for MS

This cvport cant tell the difference between and active viewport in PS and actual MS.

The reason why I want to know the difference between the 3 is that I want to create a conditional LISP.

Run the lisp it does...

X for Model space

Y for Paper Space and 

Z for Active viewport in Paper space

I know there is a way of doing this, probably using Visual Lisp and some combination of VLA functions which I dont know very well.

Anyone have any ideas?


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You should be able to test the current document with vla-get-mspace for :vlax-true or :vlax-false. See this thread, especially Lee Mac's code. A true result means the viewport is in model-space mode. Not 100% sure about that... wait, I checked, and it works! The tilemode variable will tell you whether you're on a layout tab. That should do it.

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