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Selects everything that touches pre-selected objects


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Mr Tusky, I appreciate you, realy it is a good job. Thanks


So how do choose those who touch the blocks?



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For blocks you are forced to use the code I edited which only processes the selected entity: the reason is that I use (nentsel) to retrieve the nested entity, which I cannot do with a (ssget) as in the code I put in the attached file.

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If touch means only requires accuracy at the level of a rectangle circumscribing the selected object.

It can be implemented simply like this.

; TOUCHSEL - exceed 2024.06.25
; Selects all objects that touch the selected object's bounding boxes.

(defun c:TOUCHSEL ( / ss ssl i ss_all ent obj bbox llp urp ss2 ss2l j ent2 )
  (if (setq ss (ssget))
      (setq ssl (sslength ss))
      (setq i 0)
      (setq ss_all (ssadd))
      (repeat ssl
        (setq ent (ssname ss i))
        (setq obj (vlax-ename->vla-object ent))
        (setq bbox (vla-getboundingbox obj 'll 'ur))
        (setq llp (vlax-safearray->list ll))
        (setq urp (vlax-safearray->list ur))
        (if (setq ss2 (ssget "C" llp urp))
            (setq ss2l (sslength ss2))
            (setq j 0)
            (repeat ss2l
              (setq ent2 (ssname ss2 j))
              (setq ss_all (ssadd ent2 ss_all))
              (setq j (+ j 1))
        (setq i (+ i 1))
      (sssetfirst nil ss_all)



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