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Entmake line type that contains text


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Below is a collection of lisp about Entmake line type: (ent-Linetype "LINE_1" "Created by entmake" '("A" 0.7 -0.7)) "- - - - - - - - "

Now I want to edit it to Entmake line type that contains text, shaped like: "- - DN  - -  DN - -  DN - - "

Hoping for help me. Thanks!

(defun ent-Linetype  (name description param-list)
      (list '(0 . "LTYPE")
            '(100 . "AcDbSymbolTableRecord")
            '(100 . "AcDbLinetypeTableRecord")
            (cons 2 name)
            '(70 . 0)
            (cons 3 description)
            (cons 72 (ascii (nth 0 param-list)))
            (cons 73 (- (length param-list) 1))
            (cons 40 (apply '+ (mapcar 'abs (cdr param-list)))))
      (apply 'append
             (mapcar '(lambda (x) (list (cons 49 x) '(74 . 0)))
                     (cdr param-list))))))


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Posted (edited)

A linetype can be read from a .lin file no need for code.


*HOT_WATER_SUPPLY,Hot water supply ---- HW ---- HW ---- HW ----


We had custom.lin with lots of linetypes and would preload into our dwt so ready to go. Or Linetype Load 1 or more linetype into a dwg.


;load missing linetypes
;;; returns: T if loaded else nil
(loadLinetype doc "Fence" "custom.lin")
(loadLinetype doc "Tree" "custom.lin")


(setq  doc (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object))) ; open database

(defun loadLinetype (doc LineTypeName FileName)
  (if (and
        (not (existLinetype doc LineTypeName))
              (vla-get-Linetypes doc)

(defun existLinetype (doc LineTypeName / item loaded)
  (vlax-for item (vla-get-linetypes doc)
    (if (= (strcase (vla-get-name item)) (strcase LineTypeName))
      (setq loaded T)


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I thought I'd made this one up but no, to create a line type 'on the fly' I was going to create a temporary .lin file (same as writing to a text file, just save as '.lin') and load from there.... but I haven't needed that yet, not made it up yet.

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Posted (edited)

@Steven P if you use "A" append option for a file then can add a new linetype to a "lin' file, would check 1st does name exist ?

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If I was doing that I'd also want to check that the line type name wasn't existing in the file... could be 'on the fly' is the same name but a different definition - not a big issue or one that would happen often I reckon

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