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while function recall previous line to set new value


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(defun c:Stair ()

(setq p1 (getpoint "\nEnter first insertion point: "))
(setq p2 (getpoint p1 "\nEnter second insertion point: "))

(setq flh (getdist "\nEnter floor height: "))
(setq fln (getint "\nEnter number of floor: ")) 
(setq rsn (getint "\nEnter number of riser: "))
(setq hr (getdist "\nEnter horizontal run: "))

(setq rh (/ flh rsn))
(setq td (- rsn 2))

(while (> rh 0.190)
    (princ "\nPlease enter height less than 0.190 m:")
    (setq rh (/ flh (getint)))

(setq fstfn (getint "\nFirst flight steps: "))

(While (>  fstfn 15)
      (princ "Enter steps  less than 15: ")
      (setq fstfn (getint))

(setq mdw (getdist  "\nEnter mid-landing depth: "))

(While(< mdw 1.20)  
      (princ "Enter mid-landing depth greater than 1.20 m: ")
      (setq mdw (getdist))

(setq tdn (- fstfn 1))  
(setq tdw (/ (- hr mdw) tdn))

(While(< tdw 0.30)  
      (princ "Enter tread depth greater than 0.30 m: ")
      (setq tdw (/ (- hr mdw) (getint)))

; Turn off OSNAP
(setvar "osmode" 0)

(Setq s1 p1)

(Repeat fstfn
(setq r1 (polar s1 (* pi 0.5) rh))
(setq t1 (polar r1 0 tdw))
(command "line"  s1 r1 t1 "")
(Setq s1 t1)

(command "line"  t1 "@1.5<0" "")

; Turn on OSNAP
(setvar "osmode" 511)


Enter mid-landing depth greater than 1.20 m: 1.2
; error: bad argument type: numberp: nil

while function not carry value of point 

Edited by maahee
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6 hours ago, fuccaro said:


(setq hr  (getdist "\nEnter horizontal run: "))

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Very nice @marko_ribar.


@maahee there is rules about stairs re rise and run. A better approach is to pick start point ground floor and end point 1st floor then work out the rise and runs.

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