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Anyone else find Inventor the most frustrating program ever?


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  • 5 years later...

Inventor is the worst developed CAD software around.

Everytime there is an issue, as you can see in the posts of the Autodesk forum, the answer is a workaround that will get broken as soon as you make a change to your model. When it doesn't crash it doesn't work... Proper garbage, and I really can't understand how they managed to get such a large portion of the market share, I guess they must have been half decent when all you had back in the days was wireframe and limited functionality.

Even some of the basic don't work, really appalling.... I've been looking for a new position and if the company uses Inventor, I just skip it, I actually turned down jobs where they use it....


If you're in a decision making position, my advice is scrap inventor and use Solidworks or NX, even considering that you may have to rebuilt your product library, in the long run it would be beneficial.


I've been working with it on a daily basis for the last couple of years and now I'm bald ... been pulling out my hair too much out of frustration lol

All the best of luck to the Inventor users out there.... I feel your pain... Stay strong...

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  • 2 months later...

100% the worst.
I've got 14 years SW experience and now am using inventor as well.
it is the worst. avoids helpful features. avoids innovation.

and when you look through the forums for answers to your questions,
the attitude is always, "I see why you would want that feature, but you can just do this long winded workaround instead."
it feels like using SW 15 years ago.
SW isn't perfect. but its problems are with glitches, not functionality.

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forgot to write something
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