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Revit Printing

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Hi All

I have just had a bit of a play with Revit.

I quickly drew some walls and went to print set up.

I noticed in this area that it shows a list of printers available on our system. However it does not show a PDF printer like in AutoCad.

We usually print all our larger stuff A2 - A1 to PDF and then get it printed outside. Also we send all our clients PDF's of drawings.

Am I missing something here.

Thanks Guys

Dodge 8)

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Revit does not have a PDF writer anymore. I believe they are trying to push the DWF format. Just download PDF Creator and use that, once installed it will show up on your printer list; in Revit or any other program you use.


Version 0.9.8 is out now. I am using 0.9.3 Guess I should upgrade :)


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Hi Doge,

I would seriously look at using the dwf printer in Revit. It works really well and has some advantages over the standard pdf format.

1) The dwf will hold the information of the model, ie select a wall in dwf and the wall information is available (type, levels, height, materials etc)

2) You can mark-up and measure in dwf and then link to your revit file to see waht needs to be amended.

3) The file sizes are so much smaller and can be easily e-mailed

4) It is a free download off the Autodesk website.


We used to use pdf, however the dwf format is now the standard in our office, with our clients and more importantly the builders.

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