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A Smiley Issue


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I've only just come across an issue with the smileys (I think this is one for David)...


If you place :? and :P next to one another you get :?:P, I guess soething to do with the : ? overlapping with the : on the :P. Will this be the case with :? against other smileys?..


(This only occurs after posting).


:?+:o = :?:o

:?+:cry: = :?:cry:

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I think that is just the way it is - can't remember how many times I've seen talk about the AutoCAD 2008) version :)


Just remember to add a blankspace between all smileys

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the one that drives me nuts most is ;) not working as :wink:


I've gone the other way and keep wondering why : wink: will do get me a :wink: on other chat-places :lol:

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I agree with the : wink: ;) issue...


Another thing, could we not change the : thumbsup: to just something like :tup: ...I hate typing the : thumbsup: all the time and use the smiley quite a lot...


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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