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Incremental Numbering Suite

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Lee Mac

Incremental Numbering Suite


This program enables the user to place incrementing numerical text in a drawing, with a range of positioning utilities and an optional Prefix/Suffix.


The program is invoked with the syntax: NumInc


One can enter Prefix, Middle and Suffix text and have the option to increment either section (providing it is numerical), with the ability to have leading zeros. One can also specify any increment (including decimals), and alter the text layer, style and height.



Upon submitting the options, the user will see a preview of the text on screen, with various options displayed at the command line.










From this interface, the user has various placement options, including:


  • >................. Rotates Text Clockwise.
  • Tab.............. Set Rotation back to zero, and rotates by 90.
  • Shift+Tab..... Mirrors Rotation.
  • C or c........... Switches to Curve Aligned Mode.
  • R or r........... Switches to Replacement Mode.
  • T or t............ Toggle the Incrementing Counter.

Curve Aligned Mode:


Upon pressing "C" or "c", the user will be prompted to select a curve. The text will then follow that curve, before the user clicks to place the text.



Replacement Mode:


Upon pressing "R" or "r", the user will be prompted to select either TEXT, MTEXT or ATTIButes, which, upon selection will be modified to contain the incremental text.



  • Requires Express Tools for full functionality.

-- This program is available Free to Download --


Instructions for Running:

  • Save the attached LISP file.


  • Open AutoCAD and type "_appload" at the command line, or go to "Tools" > "Load Application".


  • Load the LISP file as previously saved, and add the file to your start-up suite if desired.


  • Type "NumInc" at the command line to invoke the command.


  • For more info, see here.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Either PM me directly, or post a reply to the original thread.




Code available here.

Edited by Lee Mac
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It appears to be an error "null is not an object (evaluating 'dialog.children')", How could I fix it? Thank you in advance.


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