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"must have" rubys scripts


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Well as you might imagine what is must have for one person is different for another.

That said, here is my current "can't live without" list:


Nearly everyday use:





Pipe along path

$ Podium

$ Subdivide & Smooth

Sketchy Free Form Deformation

Tools On Surface

Joint Push Pull


STP Copy


These are what I use every now and then:



Bezier Spline


Round Edge

Make Faces

Soap Skin Bubble

Free Scale

Round edges by Bezier

Draw Helix

View based face reverser

Section Cut Face

3D grid


Just for fun:




And what I intend to purchase once I find a need:


$ Bool Tools

$ Profile Builder



Check these threads out on the SCF.

Ruby Script visual reference:


Discussion on "Must Have" scripts:



Most of those listed are free and can be found on the SCF. If there are any of the scripts I listed above you

have trouble finding, just ask and I will try to locate them.

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thanks for that, i will get started.


i have been playing around the last few days, and i think it will end up being a good little "tool" to know, as 3d is very handy for clients who have issues reading 2d line drawings.



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Its interesting, and great that only two of your plugins were bought! My most used plugin by far is PurgeAll.. must have saved hours in the last few years. 'Make faces' is also a blessing when you are doing architecture site plans...

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