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    Default Exclude from macro a specific area of drawing

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    Is it possible to exclude from a vba macro for Autocad a specific region? For example, apply this macro not to all modelspace but only to a part (which has not lines as boundaries but defined only by position reference x,y in autocad). Thanks

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    I'd go this way:
    - check every drawing entity to be handled by the macro against the intersections it has with the "allowed" region perimeter (which is likely to be a polyline)
    - if there are no intersections then let the macro operate on that drawing entity
    - if there is any intersection then skip that drawing element

    as a side note for handling intersections, I guess you're working on a 2D model so be sure all elements and the region perimeter has the same "elevation" property

    As an alternative you could use SelectionSet object and select only elements within a certain boundary.
    and then have macro operate on every element (if any) of that selection set (just iterate over selection set items)

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    Like RICVBA look at the help for ssget "W" "F" "CP" this is lisp but the same in VBA
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