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    Quote Originally Posted by nestly View Post
    Dang Alan, I wish I could write AutoLISP like that.
    Probably half the lisps I use were written by you.

    Here's one that will do both, WP (within polygon) and CP (crossing polygon). I had to go a different round that just using "CP" since just bogged the computer down stepping through all the created points (to account for Circles, Ellipses and arcs withing a polyline) and step through a crossing selection set of the bounding box of each selected object and see if it intersected with of the selected objects.

    (defun c:SWC (/ _pac add ss i e temp it o a b pts tempC i3 ec)
      ;; Select Within/Crossing Curve
      ;; Alan J. Thompson, 03.31.11
      (defun _pac (e / l v d lst)
        (setq d (- (setq v (/ (setq l (vlax-curve-getDistAtParam e (vlax-curve-getEndParam e))) 100.))))
        (while (< (setq d (+ d v)) l)
          (setq lst (cons (vlax-curve-getPointAtDist e d) lst))
      (initget 0 "Crossing Within")
      (setq *SWC:Opt*
             (cond ((getkword (strcat "\nSpecify selection method witin curve [Crossing/Within] <"
                                      (cond (*SWC:Opt*)
                                            ((setq *SWC:Opt* "Crossing"))
                                      ">: "
      (princ "\nSelect closed curves to select object(s) within: ")
      (if (setq add (ssadd)
                ss  (ssget '((-4 . "<OR")
                             (0 . "CIRCLE,ELLIPSE")
                             (-4 . "<AND")
                             (0 . "*POLYLINE")
                             (-4 . "&=")
                             (70 . 1)
                             (-4 . "AND>")
                             (-4 . "OR>")
        (progn (repeat (setq i (sslength ss))
                 (if (setq temp (ssget "_WP" (_pac (setq e (ssname ss (setq i (1- i)))))))
                   (repeat (setq i2 (sslength temp)) (ssadd (ssname temp (setq i2 (1- i2))) add))
                 (if (eq *SWC:Opt* "Crossing")
                   (progn (vla-getboundingbox (setq o (vlax-ename->vla-object e)) 'a 'b)
                          (setq pts (mapcar 'vlax-safearray->list (list a b)))
                          (if (setq tempC (ssget "_C"
                                                 (list (caar pts) (cadar pts) 0.)
                                                 (list (caadr pts) (cadadr pts) 0.)
                            (repeat (setq i3 (sslength tempC))
                              (if (vlax-invoke
                                    (vlax-ename->vla-object (setq ec (ssname tempC (setq i3 (1- i3)))))
                                (ssadd ec add)
               (sssetfirst nil add)
               (ssget "_I")
    I'm sure to get flamed shortly for posting all this code in the beginner area.
    Seann: ...it went crazy ex-girlfriend on me...
    eric_monceaux...its pretty funny seeing two AutoCAD Gods give each other flak...

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    Hi Alan,

    I was looking for a similar solution and I found this incredible solution. Could you please add a deselect option too just by clicking a polyline. It goes some thing like this :-
    So first step :
    User has the opportunity to select every thing/ or things he wants to select/ or by clicking a polyline to select every thing inside that closed polyline/ or crossing polyline selection.
    Second step: (User gets the opportunity to deselect any things he is already selected)
    User has the opportunity to deselect things he wants to deselect/ or by clicking a polyline to deselect every thing inside that closed polyline/ or crossing polyline deselection.
    May you please include this option too in the routine?


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    Default Select both Polygon and text enclosed


    i know that Alan created a Lisp to select all object in a polygon, but is there a way to select all object within the polygon as well as the polygon.

    eg: i have a lot of closed Polygons with text inside them and some without text i want to select and move all Polygons that have the text/object inside them including the enclosed text/object.

    thanks for the help guy/girls

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    If you look at the selection method it looks for *text within a pline (setq ss (ssget "WP" coordsxy (list (cons 0 "*Text")))), so a simple test if ss is null then dont move pline. This is a variation on Alans code only uses vertices. It is an example as it was written to the poster request.

    ; Text in polygons
    ; By Alan H may 2013
    (defun getcoords (ent)
        (vlax-ename->vla-object ent)
    (defun co-ords2xy ()
    ; convert now to a list of xy as co-ords are x y x y x y if 3d x y z x y z
    (setq numb (/ (length co-ords) 2))
    (setq I 0)
    (repeat numb
    (setq xy (list (nth I co-ords)(nth (+ I 1) co-ords) ))
    (setq coordsxy (cons xy coordsxy))
    (setq I (+ I 2))
    ) ; end repeat
    ) ; end defun
    ; program starts here
    ; choose output file change acdatemp to what you want
    (setq fname (strcat "c:/alan/" (getstring "\nEnter file name ")))
    (setq fout (open fname "w"))
    (setq plobjs (ssget (list (cons 0 "lwpolyline"))))
    (setq numb1 (sslength plobjs))
    (setq x numb1)
    (repeat numb1
    (setq obj (ssname plobjs (setq x (- x 1))))
    (setq co-ords (getcoords obj))
    ; write pline co-ords here
    (setq numb3 (length co-ords))
    (setq z numb3)
    (setq ansco-ords "")
    (repeat numb3 
    (setq ansco-ords (strcat ansco-ords (rtos (nth (setq z (- z 1)) co-ords) 2 3 ) " " ))
    (setq ans (strcat "Pline " ansco-ords))
    (write-line ans fout)
    (setq ansco-ords "")
    (setq ss (ssget "WP" coordsxy (list (cons 0 "Text,Mtext")))) ; selection set of text within polygon
    (if (= ss nil) 
    (princ "\nnothing inside")
    (setq coordsxy nil) ; reset for next time
    (setq numb2 (sslength ss))
    (setq y numb2)
    (repeat numb2
    (setq anstext (vlax-get-property (vlax-ename->vla-object (ssname ss (setq y (- y 1)))) "Textstring"))
    (princ anstext) ; change to write text to file
    (write-line (strcat "text " anstext) fout)
    (princ "\n")
    ) ; end repeat2
    (setq ss nil) ; reset for next poly
    ) ; end repeat1
    (close fout)
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