Sorry to interupt fellas, but I had a similar problem. It all went back to normal after doing these things.
Purge the file and then Audit the file. Before copying the entire file, -scalelistedit the file to shorten the time it will take.
copy the entire drawing to a fresh new template. (Make sure you get the dialog up and select the right template, don't trust quick new to do it for you). If the drawing has a corrupt shape in it, then it will not copy. If this occurs recover database from the file / drawing utilities, if this doesn't work I am stumped. It worked for me.

Like someone said earlier the file you displayed in the screenshot has a corrupted recovery file name convention, this is a sure sign that a new template is required. The worst thing is you got to hope that the corrupted shape that copies across does not copy across the nasty stuff with it.. Good Luck.