I have multiple class A (A for Annoying) issues with AutoDesk and Vault

1. I have a "phase out" problem (again) is where I'm checking in a drawing on the prompt, and while im typing a comment on the bottom, the prompt phases out as if I'm not clicking on it anymore and interrupts my typing. This is something has Been not only bugging me but a great deal of other designers im the group. Does anyone know of a quick fix or a Cause to why this is happening. :x

2. Autocad crashes while trying to edit a Xref in place (this is worked around by separately editing the XREF, but i rather edit in place to see the other xrefs for a reference in which to work from......:(

3. Random error while checking in ,has anyone seen this before?:unsure:

error while saving an xref and updating the working drawing..jpg

If anyone has solutions to the above problems it not only helps me but to others that may have the same experiences.....