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    Sorry for the delayed response... I was out of town for work. Roy_043, I tried that code that you posted but it still did the same thing that mine did. BIGAL, I'm still not sure what you need me to do... I posted the code that I used for the lisp and it works the same as the code Roy_043 posted.

    The command MCO_PLOT will plot the current layout using MCOLOR 9 colors / textures (the extension program I am using). Using that command, it will bring up a dialogue box to ask where to save and then it will plot to PDF. My lisp function just repeats that for all of the tabs automatically, but since it repeating the MCO_PLOT command in its entirety, it is asking where to save each layout, which throws a wrench in the automatic nature of it...

    Is there a way to get the code for the MCO_PLOT command and modify it so that it does not ask where to save? Then we might be able to add a save code to my lisp that will only prompt me once where to save all of the tabs.

    Let me know what I can do to help this make sense or to help find a solution. I am a big CAD user, but this is my first time trying to write/modify commands, so I apologize if I'm a little slow with it.


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    Greenla I dont think you understand that unless you are realy good at writing in assembler the very very top of programming you can not change the dialouge call. Its also generally breaching copyright to debug some elses code. Its always been a problem to fill in pop up dialouges other than autocad DCL.

    Again contact Mcolor and ask if there is a command line version available. It might be like -mcolor -filename.

    As examples, I am using ghostscript as command line driven and working on a JPG Exiftool to real world co-ords using a command line driven program so its possible.
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