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Found 5 results

  1. I would like to merge the lisps I show at the end into one, where the process is first ADDID.lsp and then OD2ATT.lsp If it were possible with your help to add a new functionality to addid.lsp and that is that when you copy the block name in the TIPO_SENAL field of the Object Data You can check the block name to be able to change it to another, with some examples it would be enough to add as many times as this operation is necessary. thank you very much, greetings .... (defun c:ADDID (/ n inc enam idd efn) (setq tn "SDM_SEN_SENALIZACION") (prompt "Seleccionar señales") (princ) (setq n (getint "\n Ingrese valor de Inicio: ") ss (ssget '((0 . "insert"))) ) (setq inc 0) (repeat (setq len (sslength ss)) (setq enam (ssname ss inc)) (setq idd (itoa n)) (setq efn(vla-get-effectivename(vlax-ename->vla-object enam))) (ade_odaddrecord enam tn) (ade_odsetfield enam tn "INTERNO_SENAL" 0 n) (ade_odsetfield enam tn "TIPO_SENAL" 0 efn) (command "chprop" enam "" "c" "ByLAyer" "") (setq inc (1+ inc) n (1+ n) ) ) (alert "The entities selected with INTERNO_SENAL were updated") (princ) ) .... (defun c:OD2ATT (/ ss) (vl-load-com) (if (setq ss (ssget '((0 . "INSERT") (2 . "`*U*")))) ((lambda (i / e s od r v n d tag) (while (setq e (ssname ss (setq i (1+ i)))) ;; Extract object data (setq b (ade_odgetfield e (setq od (car (ade_odgettables e))) "INTERNO_SENAL" 0)) ;; Populate attributes (if (and (setq n (vla-get-effectivename (setq v (vlax-ename->vla-object e)))) (setq d (vla-item (vla-get-blocks (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object))) n))) (foreach attrib (vlax-invoke v 'getattributes) (vlax-for item d (if (= (vla-get-objectname item) "AcDbAttributeDefinition") (if (= (vla-get-tagstring attrib) (vla-get-tagstring item)) (cond ((= "INTERNO" (setq tag (vla-get-tagstring item))) (vla-put-textstring attrib b)))))))) )) -1)) (princ)) ADDID.lsp OD2ATT.lsp eg.dwg
  2. NBCAD


    Hello, As part of a project I must assign an object data table to all elements of the drawing according to their layer. I am looking for an automated solution to assign the Objects Data tables to the elements of the drawing other than by selecting the different layers one by one. Knowing nothing in programming, I ask you to find ways to achieve this result. On the other hand, once the object data tables (Object data) assigned to the various elements I want to find a way fast enough to copy some attribute objects in the corresponding "Object Data" fields. For example copy the value of the orientation of a block (Attribute Value "Rotation") in the corresponding OD field (Attribute Value "ARE_ORIENT"), as in the attachment. I am currently doing these manipulations by hand and this is a huge waste of time. I am interested in any solution as small as it is! Thank you!!
  3. grouch19

    Random vertices shift

    Hi guys, Bit of a strange request. I'm looking for something that will shift a selection of polygon vertices by a random amount for each vertex. In a perfect world I'd love to set a tolerance of say 5cm and have the vertices move in any x,y direction by random amounts up to 5cm. Any ideas would be appreciated. Cheers Dave
  4. Draugnim

    SDF data table

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if I'm doing something wrong. I would like to populate a SDF feature data table in AutoCAD Map 3D with a autolisp routine. I've been searching the internet for days and could not find any clues so I assume it's not possible to do that. So what I'm thinking now is to maybe export the data that I get from the lisp routine to some kind of database (dbf, access, excel ...) and then join it with the SDF. Does anyone have any suggestions how to that? Thanks in advance! -------- What my lisp routine does is, it selects al the parcels one by one, creates a new feature from object (new column in the data table), generates a GUID number, reads the parcel number and promts for user imput for some data that is the same for all parcels. -------- I'm confused a little bit now. The command 'New feature from object' creates a new column i the data table that is related with the coresponding parcel. When I click the column the parcel is selected. ****Will I be able to get the relation between the parcel and column if I export the data to another database and then join it with the SDF. Maybe if I let the lisp create the columns in the SDF data table for all the parcels and than later when joining the database somehow make the data go in the empty columns created by the lisp?****
  5. z_i_nayon

    Map 3D download

    I need autocad map 2004-2007 (one of them). I tried to find with Google. But didn't find any good result. Can any one tell me where i can get them? Thank you.
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