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Found 4 results

  1. hi i have a lisp that dose not attach the hyperliks to the block on first run it dos on the 2nd run evan after i deleat the blooks to start agen. the issue sems to be in the hyperlink comand and it is not finding the block at the location some help world be great:P (-hyperlink Enter an option [Remove/Insert] : i Enter hyperlink insert option [Area/Object] : o Select objects: 25722.21,65506.921,625.235 0 found Select objects: Error in selection.) my code (defun C:lmg() ;;;;;; READING CSV ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (setq gf (getfiled "Select CSV File" "" "csv" 16)) ;slect file (setq f (open gf "r")) ;open file for reading (while (setq row1 (read-line f)) ;reads next line of csv (foreach line data ;do to each line (princ "\n " )(prin1 line)"") ;grab next line ? ;;;;;; PONT ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (setq pont1 (vl-string-position (ascii ",") row1 nil )) ;finds first (,) (print pont1) (setq pont2 (substr row1 pont1)) ;grabs evrythink in from first (,) to end (print pont2) (setq pont3 (substr pont2 3)) ;pont shift fix (print pont3) ;prints results ;;;;;; EASTING,NORTHING,HIGHT ;;;;;; (setq enz1 (vl-string-position (ascii ",") pont3 nil T)) ;finds last (,) (print enz1) (setq enz2 (substr pont3 1 enz1)) ;grabs evrythink in from last(,) to start (print enz2) ;prints results ;;;;;; PHOTO FILE ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (setq file1 (vl-string-position (ascii ",") pont3 nil T)) ;finds last (,) (print file1) (setq file2 (substr pont3 file1)) ;grabs evrythink in from last (,) to end (print file2) (setq file3 (substr file2 3)) ;pont shift fix (print file3) ;prints results (setq file4 "photos/") ;set's "photos/" as a string (setq file5 (strcat file4""file3)) ;combinds string (file 4 & 3) (print file5) ;prints results (princ "\n") ;go to next line ;;;;;; HYPERLINK ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (COMMAND "_insert" "Photo Node" (strcat enz2) "1" "1" "0") ;inserts photo node (princ "\n") (command "regenall") ;go to next line (COMMAND "-hyperlink" "i" "o" (strcat enz2"") "" (strcat file5"") "" (strcat file3"")) ;add's hyperlinks photos ) ;close while (princ) ) ;close defun Book2.csv
  2. Does anybody have any idea if a lisp routine can be created so that if a block (detail .dwg) is inserted from a detail library that a hyperlink can be added to the block as it is being inserted so that the hyperlink can be used to later open the detail.dwg in it's remote location. We're looking to use extensive folders/sub-folders to organize our detail library and do not want to browse through many folders/sub folders when searching for the block in question. (Side note... We don't use xrefs to attach details to detail sheets as we like to edit attribute text within the block). Using Autocad Architecture 2014..... Many thanks for your help!
  3. Hello all, I have two blocks with different attributes. want a connection between the two blocks especially in the areas marked in yellow. node when the value changes from 56 to 101 to make update the labels. Attach an example. best regards Sample Annotation Pipe for link.dwg
  4. I have a block. In it's attributes is a tag called "website". The block attribute value is a url or http:// that leads you to a picture. The block is repeated throughout the drawing with different values for each website tag that should take you to a different picture for each block occurrence. Currently, the text appears as dumb text, not as a hyperlink. I understand manually attaching a hyperlink to an drawing object. This is different in that I want autocad to automatically recognize that the block attribute text is a link and allow the user to click on the text in the properties window and the picture open. Does autocad recognize text as links like word or excel does? For example: if you type anything in a word document that starts with http://... word will recognize it as a link and give it link functionality. I need autocad to do this. It could be that this link functionality can only be used with object data and not with block attributes. That would limit me to only using civil 3D, but I can live with that. Any ideas?
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