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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, good day. I have this script below which copies along the x and y axis with two separate commands. CX and CY. 2 issues. I need it to regen every time I copy (There's a bug when I copy leaders at the moment) (command ".regen") has no effect. Copy multiple, After first copy the restraint no longer take effect. Thanks for any help. ;;----------------------------------------------------------------------;; (defun c:CX () (setq ss (ssget)) (command "._copy" ss "" "M" pause ".yz" "@" pause) (command ".regen") (setq ss nil);; add this line to clean the selection (princ) ) (defun c:CY () (setq ss (ssget)) (command "._copy" ss "" "M" pause ".xz" "@" pause) (command ".regen") (setq ss nil);; add this line to clean the selection (princ) ) ;;----------------------------------------------------------------------;; (vl-load-com) (princ (strcat "\n:: Lock_Copy_X&Y.lsp loaded ::" "\n:: Invoke by typing 'CX' (Copy on X-axis) or 'CY' (Copy on Y-axis) ::" ) ) (princ) ;;----------------------------------------------------------------------;; ;; End of File ;; ;;----------------------------------------------------------------------;; GOT IT ANSWERED HERE (POST NO.4) by Roy_043: http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?94798-Copy-on-X-axis-only-and-Y-axis-only&p=699099&viewfull=1#post699099
  2. Hi, I had created a dynamic door block (my first one). As the block has door frame section on both ends, i need to place the linear distance parameter near the door hinge (and not on the basepoint for block insertion). This extends the door by 4" from the value of door opening i manually enter. Suppose i enter 42", the resultant opening will be 46". Any way to fix this. Also, how can i make the block to accept only predefined sizes like 2'9", 3'0" etc
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