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DIY - Modeling a Car/Truck in SketchUp


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Hey, thanks, CADken! I was wondering what happened 2 U!


I love Google's Sketchup program and am getting better at modeling, but I still need help getting the program to do some basic things.


I will study the "free pin method" you mentioned and check out the other board too.


Thanks 4 your help, guy, but don't stay away 4 so long next time!:D

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I haven't really been around here lately... actually I haven't been around here for a long time...


Anyway, the first two approaches can be used to model a car in SketchUp, you can create a lot of things by references pictures and blueprints as I have in the past.


I haven't been able to work out the kinks in this particular truck model; I haven't made much time to dedicate to it either so its been sitting on the back burner.


As far as an update, I can show you this:








That is where the model stands today; sorry for the lack of progress but the point of this tutorial was to demonstrate how to setup your blueprints in SketchUp to model a Car/Truck

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yeah the above link is great and somewhere in there someone has posted a translated tutorial (the artist is russian) which is really helpful

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there is a great tutorial somewhere following the links above. also, for non-russian speakers, someone has translated it to english using google translate, which makes it both useful and funny. i've only done the modelling bit, and am still to learn the rendering stuff, but here's my start:


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