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Autocad drawings help!


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Hey! Does anyone know where I can get autocad drawings of pad foundation and free downloads of beams and columns. Thanx!

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Steel sizes vary depending upon the country you're working in. So, it does make a difference.


What's going on the pad foundation? A cooling tower? A chemical storage tank? A garage? A house?


A little more information would be helpful don't you think?


Is it a "floating" pad or will there be footings?


Will the pad require piles? How about grade beams?


Is this being drawn in 2D or 3D?


Are you including any details?

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Re: Imperial (US) vs. Metric (British).


1" = 25.4 millimeters.


In the US the structural engineer can spec a 2x2x.1875 angle (as measured in inches). There is no such equivalent in England. There, the engineer could order a 50x50x5 angle (as measured in millimeters). It would be close but not exact. To get the exact dimensions equal to the angle produced in the US, the British structural engineer would have to spec a piece of steel with the dimensions 50.8x50.8x4.7625. This just isn't going to happen. He'd be laughed right out of the office. In this case, size, and how it is measured and specified would definitely matter depending on which side of the Atlantic you're working on.

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An example of placement of steel reinforcement, in a slab, can be seen on page 170 of Architectural Graphic Standards by Ramsey and Sleeper, 9th edition, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. of Somerset, New Jersey. Any good library college library would have a copy.

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