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M&E draughtsmen!


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Im after some decent comprehensive legends for both mechanical and electrical. So a good pipework legend etc.

Im british if that matters for language.


Any help appreciated!

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What do you mean by legends? Are you saying you need symbols for mechanical and electrical? I'm from across the pond and am not sure I understand what you need.

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Yeah. What im trying to get together is a good list of symbols for piping and ductwork etc. So most pipwork valves IV's Gate valve, globe valve, etc etc with symbols. I have some legends already, but not as comprehensive as i would like. Just wanted to see what other people have.



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Hi Monk.


So you are doing both Mech and Elec?

Either you are on a par with Einstein or you are taking on too much.


As for 'legends' if you want 2D or isometric valves, strainers, elbows, reducers, etc I have some saved as blocks on .dwg's

Along with metric fasteners- drawn to the correct sizes (design centre ans such often just scale an M10 which dosent come out quite right, and full size tees, elbows, flanges, etc. to BSEN, ISO, and ANSI standards


If you send me a PM with what you want and you e-mail I can send them to you.

DON'T post your e-mail you leave yourself open to a lot of spam and worse.







BTW as you are in the UK do you know this site, it can be very useful-


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Thanks for all the replys :)


Stykface is on the right track. Im just trying to put together a complete legend of pipework fittings, electrical fittings, and ductwork.

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Im guessing i dont have enough posts to PM people yet! so ill have to work on that.


Nukecad your 2D blocks would be useful too :) Not sure how without giving you my email!

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