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762 SHX AutoCAD Fonts


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MText does not seem to be able to do what you want. Stick with ordinary text.


I exploded the Mtext and changed the style to Patty.


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Back at post #62

I closed ac, dropped all the files into the font folder, launched ac and went into my drawing to edit the text and the Multiline text editor does not show the new fonts.


From the help file:-


Display Proxy Fonts


For third-party or custom SHX fonts that have no TrueType equivalent, AutoCAD substitutes one of several different TrueType fonts called proxy fonts. In the Multiline Text Editor dialog box, proxy fonts have a different appearance from the fonts they represent to indicate that they are substitutions for the fonts used in the drawing.


Custom SHX fonts do not appear in the list on the Character tab in the Multiline Text Editor dialog box. If you want to format characters by assigning one of these fonts, first create a text style that uses the font and then apply that text style to the characters.


Maybe the fonts that you have downloaded previously were TT fonts, which are much better behaved.

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I continually refer to Express Tools, so I am not sure exactly which post would be useful to you.


Could you elaborate as to exactly what you are looking to do? It may be profitable to do a web search.

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This is the message I am referring to:


We seem to be going round and round in circles here.


Did you read my mention of Express Tools?


Have you got Express Tools on your computer? and if not, why not. That is the first step.

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Hi i also just came across this




So we are in south Africa and we make stainless steel jewellry. Is there a free marquerite BOLD font.... We cannot yet afford the usd39... Its almost R550.. 


Also can can you import many fonts at the same time please.. 


Thankyou so much

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