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I need someone to do my homework for me


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I don't see a need to have written rule.


Those who are inclined, for whatever reason, to consider doing another person's homework for them have three choices as I see it.


1) Decline and make the person aware of the unwritten rule and explain to them nicely what we are willing to do.


2) Do the homework for them and suffer the slings and arrows that may come your way should we know about it.


3) Contact the person by PM and make your arrangements (free or fee) outside of the forum. Just don't mention it. I don't want to know unless you helped someone who was legally blind, deaf in one or both ears, and physically impaired in some fashion. Then and only then might I give you a token nod of respect.


Just so we're clear...


I've taken several night courses over the years. Three were manual drafting (architectural design/drafting). All of them while working a full time job and some while working a second part-time job. Courses met twice a week for 4.5 hours per night. I did all my own homework even for the manual drafting based architectural class (2nd semester) that had us draw up full sets of plans for a state visitor's center, a post office, a college student union building and a small office over the span of 16 weeks. All projects were multi-sheet (the biggest took 12 sheets). No CAD, no mouse, no keyboard and no monitor. All by hand. As far as I'm concerned this person can either suck it up or change his career track.

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oh.. I thought that was "give a man fire and it will warm him temporarily, but set him aflame and he'll stay warm for the rest of his life." ;)


Anyways.. no argument from me.


I just figure that if this forum stands for something, it should be clearly stated. Whether as a rule, or a guideline, or even a mantra/motto whatever. It either stands for something, or it doesn't. ya' know?


We don't all come from the same cultures, countries, etc.. we are here, seeking and/or giving knowledge from our own individualized perspectives. I don't expect that everyone will feel the same way about everything, or should be ostracized for their opinion simply because it's not the same as everyone else's.


If it's a rule, it's no longer left up to personal interpretation, and no toes are stepped-on because everyone knows how it stands. Not just "those that caught this discussion"

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I don't think we need a written rule either.


Where do you draw the line? Lots of blocks get posted on here. Indeed, I have posted quite a lot of dynamic blocks that demonstrate the use of a particular parameter. Where is the difference between that and supplying a drawing to somebody's request? Both recipients have got a free ride. And while there may not be too many students using LISP you only have to look in that forum to see how many people are willing to accept a free routine for little or nothing in return.


I am sure some of the helpers are fellow students (or new users) only too pleased to demonstrate their own knowledge at the same time widening their experience. Surely this is good, at least for the helper if not the helped.


I am fussy about which posts I answer these days and will ignore obvious "test" questions. Even when I answer I tend to only suggest solutions, not do it for them. Having said that I recently NEEDED a quick solution to a problem I had and was delighted Lee supplied me a fully working routine within an hour but I do think I have enough "helper" posts to justify a "helped" post every now and then.


This forum is all about give and take. It is up to each individual to judge whether the poster is having genuine problems or is just being lazy and treat the post accordingly.

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I need someone to do my revit project for my final computing submission due may 11 at 11 pm. Just a floor plan, elevation, and section image on the villa le lac house by le corb

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Old thread.


Good luck with the homework!! Hopefully you won't get anyone doing it for you and will take your responsibility seriously and ask for some helpful suggestions to get it done yourself.

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