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Hi, does anybody know where I can get a drawing of a fish pass, commonly used next to wiers so that migratory fish can swim up river.

Kind regards


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Is that different to a fish ladder?


What do you need this for? Aren't they all bespoke?


Have you asked English Nature and the Environment Agency?

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Fish ladder design concepts. You'll find some information in this publication. Note that different types of fish require different types of ladders. It is not a one size fits all type of design. Sketches and photos are scattered throughout the publication.




If this doesn't give you what you need try searching on the following words (include all punctuation just as you see it):


"fish ladder"+"design"

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Thanks guys very helpfull

I need to draw one for a hydro dynamic project I'm working on, and running out of time!!!!

Strix; they are bespoke, but I'm just drawing a generic one, probably a Larinier fish pass.

ReMark; using your search term did the trick, thanks

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