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Lofts won't appear in drawing sheet


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I'm a fairly new user of Inventor 2009 and I've run into a problem I have no idea how to get around. I've created to separate shelled loft parts that that have no volume-they reflect two different surveys of interior tunnel walls. I've placed both of these parts into an assembly to make a representation of the tunnel, but then when I go to put it in .dwg format, nothing! No matter what view I select it's just an empty box.


When I just put the part itself into a drawing it works fine, something about putting it in the assembly is making it not translate over? Has anyone else had this or know how to get around it??


Any help would be greatly, GREATLY, appreciated!!

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The file was too big after compressing so I took a screen shot instead.


I never had a solid. It was a series of wireframe outlines spaced one foot apart that I then used the loft feature to extend a surface over. You can see the general 'U' shape of the frame. I thought maybe because there was no volume that's why it wouldn't show on a drawing sheet, but becuase it works as a part but not assembly, I have no idea why. The other part is made exactly the same as this one but includes a roof. Thanks for replying, I'm real stuck on this and am rapidly approaching a deadline.

Low Level 0-14.jpg

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Actually, I got it.


After placing the assembly in a drawing view, I had to expand the viewing tree of the assembly and part to where the loft was located, right click, and select include. Then everything worked fine. Thankfully it was an easy fix that didn't require any re-working. Oh the little things you learn..

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