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Missing detail when on Physical plot from ACAD 2011 generated PDF


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I have created PDF plots of some AutoCAD 2011 plans that have layers in them and this have been carried over to the PDF which is great.

When I open these in Acrobat 9 Standard they look perfect and I can turn layers on and off as I Choose which is also great.

When I plot the PDF's from a REAL printer (in this case ix4000) the plot generation preview and subsequent plot has missing chunks of data where another layer passes above. The items in question that are doing the "blocking" are gradient fills with transparency.

Attached is a copy of what the PDF looks like in Acrobat vs. the Physical Output.


WHY !!?!?ok copy.jpg

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Nice to see a flood of suggestions !!!!


Anyhow I have the answer and it IS AutoCAD related not Acrobat. Not perfect solution though I must admit.


When plotting to PDF in the print dialog box I had to un-check the "plot paperspace elements first" option.

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