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Link Table to Attributes


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Hi everyone,


I would like to read a table that would be linked with block attributes. Like a table (either AutoCAD or Excel) of fluids with pressure, temperature, flowrate... that I would link to attributes. I tried to insert a field in the attribute, but what I've found in fields are properties like Color/Layer/Column/Rows ... Anyone could help?



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Isn't there a DATAEXTRACTION command in 2009? This command extracts data and sends it to a table or an external file such as an Excel spreadsheet.

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I know about Data extraction, which extracts block attributes into Excel/AutoCAD table. But is the opposite possible? Extracting data from a table into blocks via fields?


Edit: I found it by myself! It had to insert a field; Field category - Object // Field names: Formula. There are 4 buttons: Average/Sum/Count/Cell . Using cell I could pick an AutoCAD table cell.


But I still have 1 question,

Is there a way to link via an Excel table?

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hi there


i am also intrested in the same.

i have made a VBA code to import data from excel which can be extended for the required purpose


Sub markdupfromxl()
Dim xlApp As Object
Dim xlFileName As String
Dim getval(), getval1() As String
Dim obj, entRef As AcadBlockReference
Dim instPt() As Double
Dim a, b As Integer
xlFileName = "C:\Documents and Settings\divekark\Desktop\test duplicates.xls"
Set xlApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
xlApp.Visible = False
Set xlbook = xlApp.workbooks.Open(xlFileName)
Set xlSheet = xlbook.Sheets(1)
a = xlSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count
ReDim getval(a), getval1(a)
For b = 0 To a - 2
Set myrng = xlSheet.Range("A1")
getval(b) = myrng.Offset(b + 1, 0).Value
getval1(b) = myrng.Offset(b + 1, 1).Value
Set obj = ThisDrawing.HandleToObject(getval(b))
instPt = obj.InsertionPoint
Set entRef = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.InsertBlock(instPt, "flage2", 1#, 1#, 1#, 0)
   If entRef.HasAttributes Then
       Dim AttList As Variant
       ' Build a list of attributes for the current block.
       AttList = entRef.GetAttributes
       ' Cycle throught the list of attributes.
       For j = LBound(AttList) To UBound(AttList)
           If AttList(j).TagString = "FLAGTEST" Then
               AttList(j).TextString = getval1(b)
           End If
   End If
Set xlbook = Nothing
Set xlSheet = Nothing
End Sub


if you tell me some thing more may be i can help you.

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