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Multiple Paper Space Layouts, Multiple Views and only One ViewPort in VB.NET


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Hello to everybody,


I'm writing my first message as I started developing my first App.


The thing is I have a dwg with the same number of paper space layouts and views, and the same viewport for all the paper space's layouts.


So the problem is: I'm stuck trying to link the viewport of each layout to the correspondig view.


I attach in .txt the code for VB.NET and appreciate if anybody can help me in this very first real project.


Thanks for helping.:)CODES.txt

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Are you trying to get a Viewport that has a particular view, or set the view of a particular viewport?


In “Sub CloneView()”, what are the settings for the variables in this line:


acViewTblRec.CenterPoint() = New Point2d(posX + dimX / 2, posY + dimY / 2)

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Hi Seant,


First af all, thanks for your reply.


I'm trying to set the view of a particular viewport, but the thing is in de dwg I only have one viewport (the same viewport for all the paper space's layout).

If I have understood how Autocad's database works this means than each time I select a different paper space layout, the viewport drawed in this layout becomes the active viewport in the database.


So I think that I need to program the next steps:

1) select the right paper space (the new cloned layout)

2) associate the new view created with this paper space (what I suppose sets the view to the viewport).


I can send you the cad file so you can have a look (if have spare time :cry:)


The settings for the variables are geometrical positions, distances, etc., I send the ones I have for my trial:


Dim dimX As Double = 80.586

Dim dimY As Double = 56.232

Dim deltaX As Double = 9.8119

Dim deltaY As Double = 7.803

Dim matX As Integer = 1

Dim matY As Integer = 4

Dim posX As Double = (matX - 1) * (dimX + deltaX)

Dim posY As Double = (1 - matY) * (dimY + deltaY)


Thank you again for your time.

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Each Layout has an initial Viewport, even if there are no “Floating Viewports” present. It’s a rather confusing aspect setup by Autodesk. See this current thread at "The Swamp" :




I should have some time this weekend so, yes, upload a cad file with all the specific parameters.

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I'll have a look into "the swamp", cause right now I really feel myself sinking into it.


I've attached a new txt with very basic instructions of the way to use de dll and the base dwg I have to deal with.


I have to generate a whole array of presentations and views but I couldn't get the first milestone as I've told.




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I can’t find a straightforward method to assign a “Saved View” to a paperspace viewport. We must be missing something as that really should be possible with the API.

I haven’t invested considerable time in a search but . . . . neither is it readily apparent that a viewport’s view can be modified without first activating the Layout. I’ll look into that further when I get time.

Would activating the layout first be acceptable to the workflow of your routine?

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See if this works out.


Warning: Limited Testing!


    <CommandMethod("AssignView")> _
   Public Sub AssignView()
       '' Get the current database
       Dim acDoc As Document = Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument
       Dim acCurDb As Database = acDoc.Database
       '' Start a transaction
       Using acTrans As Transaction = acCurDb.TransactionManager.StartTransaction()
           Dim myLayoutDictionary As DBDictionary = acCurDb.LayoutDictionaryId.GetObject(OpenMode.ForRead)
           Dim oid As ObjectId = myLayoutDictionary.Item("E10")
           Dim myLayout As Layout = DirectCast(acTrans.GetObject(oid, OpenMode.ForWrite), Layout)
           Dim ltman As LayoutManager = LayoutManager.Current
           Application.SetSystemVariable("TILEMODE", 0)
           ltman.CurrentLayout = "E10"
           Dim oids As ObjectIdCollection = myLayout.GetViewports()
           Dim vp As Viewport = DirectCast(acTrans.GetObject(oids(1), OpenMode.ForWrite), Viewport)
           Dim vCenter As Point2d = New Point2d(posX + dimX / 2, posY + dimY / 2)
           Dim locked As Boolean = vp.Locked
           If (locked) Then vp.Locked = False
           vp.ViewCenter = vCenter
           vp.Locked = locked
       End Using
   End Sub

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Great, it works perfect.


This is not the method I was trying but it solves my problem.


Thank you very much.


The whole process does need more investigation. When time permits, perhaps. :)

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@SEANThow to apply this part:


Dim oid As ObjectId = myLayoutDictionary.Item("E10")


to C# withhout loop because i has test myLayoutDictionary. Item("E10") in c# no method for item

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