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How to draw a spoon for AutoCAD 2011


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CADTutor does not supply drawings on demand. Have you checked the CAD Block Exchange Network? It is a website where AutoCAD users post copies of their drawings for free download/distribution.


That said, I'm pretty sure someone here had a thread about drawing a 3D spoon back some time ago. You might try using the Search feature above to find it. Note: It was done using pre-2011 AutoCAD however.

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wow remark was pretty helpful

that's no way to accept a kind favour


my guess is that comments like that will not get you any closer to your spoon

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You posted your request in "Tips and Tricks".


You specifically mention AutoCAD 2011.


Then you not only turn down the help I provided but you also change to a file type associated with Inventor.


I'm feeling a lot less generous all of a sudden.

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Find a nice looking spoon, put in on the table and make a photo. :)


*** editing ***


The nostalgia pushed me to click the link you posted. Ha ha! now I see that I misspelled the title of my first post in that thread. :)

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"Why a spoon, cousin? Because it's dull, you twit. It'll hurt more."


Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.


That nearly made me LOL at work. Would've been odd to say the least!

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