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Paper Space button disappears


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Over the years I've run into some maddening little "features" in AutoCAD. I'm curious if other users have seen these happen or if they're quirks of my hardware. I don't use scripts.


First, I should mention that I prefer working in model space. It's very rare for me to go "through" a viewport to fix something in model space. Sometimes, when finished in model space, I'll look for the button that toggles me back to paper space and it won't be there . There doesn't seem to be any reason for that button to disappear, especially since all the other buttons are still there. Anyone seen this or have an explanation?

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That, or something similar, happen to me too. When change to model to paper or viceversa, sometimes the button is gone, for no reason, it's annoying especially when you are inside a viewport and there's no paperspace in the display to make double-click to get out, and you are forced to write pspace on command or right-click in the status bar y "re-chek" -don`t remenber when I un-checked- the Paper/Model option.

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