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Cursor going funny


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All of a sudden my cursor has decided it doesnt want to move whilst I enter commands into AutoCAD 2009 LT. For example, if I start typing "MP" for match properties, the crosshairs in CAD will stay in the place they were when I started typing.

However the mouse cursor changes to a text style cursor (as in MS Word) and will continue to move.


Then when I press return after I've finished entering the command, the text style cursor locks back to the position of the AutoCAD cross hair and then allows me to move again as normal.


Any idea what I've switched on/off? :unsure:


Thanks for the help folks

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Is your dynamic input on? The cursor stops when typing with dynamic input (and for good reason, imagine trying to type commands when moving the mouse)


Turn it off on your toolbar(looks like the crosshair with a small rectange on it).

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