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Sliding panel detail


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gallery.jpgHi, I'm new to the forum, wanted to ask this question but I do not know where to post it.

Erm, I'm an interior design student and doing drafting for the art gallery project.

I need to draw the construction detail of the sliding panels in the gallery, where they can hang picture.

I tried to look for sliding panels detail on the net but no hope :((

Can you guys suggest me any website or where can I find a way to figure out how to draw the detail of these panels.

Here is the 3d view of the panel


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It's got to be similar to a sliding glass door with a track at the top and the bottom. If the panels can slide by one another and there are three panels then there would have to be three full length tracks right? I say a track at the top and bottom as opposed to just a track (or set of tracks) just at the top to keep the panels from swinging if they were accidentally bumped.

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thank you for your reply

Meant that it should have a set of track which is one on top and one at the bottom. And the top track has secure system connected from the ceiling. With the tracking system is the same with a glass sliding door.


If I have to build this one right, then do I have to draw a detail for it? or I need to ask the producer company for the detail of their product?

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I think the floor tracks would probably be recessed to avoid a tripping hazard.


Sure, you could draw it if you have some idea what it looks like. It would not hurt to check a manufacturer's website for a CAD detail assuming you know of one that makes these kinds of tracks. Can't say that I do.

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