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Page Setup Resets To Portrait from Landscape in Sheet Set Page Setup Overrides DWT


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Hey Guys


I have an interesting one that has got me stumped.


My team all uses sheet sets and we are constantly plotting using the page setup overrides.


We are currently wasting a lot of paper because the landscape setting in overrides dwt's page setup keeps reverting back to portrait and we only get half a drawing.


We do have logon scripts that reset the printers, but i am all out of ideas.



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Ever notice how the selection of your printer or plotter will present you with two choices for the same size sheet?


Example: ANSI C (landscape) and ANSI C (portrait).


Maybe you made an incorrect association in your page setup when you selected the paper size. This is not to be confused with the Drawing orientation setting of landscape versus portrait.

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No i have selected the right sheet size.


If I edit the page setup and reset it back to landscape to print. It all works fine. So there is nothing wrong with sheet selection


Although if i try to print a couple of hours later. It resets itself back to portrait in the dwt!!

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If your page setup is correct, as you say, then think...where else can paper orientation be changed. I can only think of three places where this can be changed (two within AutoCAD and the other within the printer software itself). The ones in AutoCAD you have complete control over but the printer software may be set up in such a way that it always defaults to portrait after each job no matter what you do.

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Well the thing is it is sporadic. It only changes sometimes.


I can't work out the exact event that causes it. The only thing i can think of is that it is the Add Printer Script that runs on login and that doesn't seem to change it.


I have tried running this script three times. And it didn't change it back from landscape.

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