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Dear God someone help me recover my hotel plans!?!?! EMERGENCY!!


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I was working in AutoCAD 07 yesterday doing my hotel plans and it crashed so I opened it and recovered it and continued to work in the recovered file and even though I saved it under a new name it wont open, I cant recover, I cant open it in any other program (sketchup, covnert to PDF)

It is saying drawing file is not valid,

when I try insert it on a new CAD document as a dwg reference it says invalid and when I try insert it as a block it says it was created by an incompatible version of AutoCAD?! And even the previous versions I saved wont work (they were recovered too)

I do have a file that works from 2 days ago but I've done about 30 hours of work since then I cant lose that work I need the plans by Monday!!!

Does anyone know anything that can help me recover it!!!!! :o:ouch::(:cry:

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Look for a ".BAK" file from a time before your crash. Copy that file to a different location, then rename it with a .dwg extension and see if you can open that. If you have Autosave turned on you should be able to get back pretty close to where you were before the crash.

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You are a legend!

Not exactly where I left it but its close enough! Probably a half an hour off the one I was trying to get!

Thanks man, you're a star bar!!

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Thank you, thank you....I'll be here all week.:lol:


I've been in exactly that same situation a few times. Love Autosave and the automatic backups.

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