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Found 7 results

  1. Ola, I was trying to make a 3d object, and while I was making it, I noticed that the 3DORBIT is gone, and when I entered this command, it said that "ACVMTOOLS.ARX is an invalid .arx file" I'm using AutoCAD 2014 btw. Ty!
  2. I have backed up several hundred drawings to a NAS drive connected to our server. Now when we try and open the drawings we get a message that says 'Drawing file is invalid'. I have tried copying to desktop and opening direct from the NAS but we get the same error. Has anybody any ideas what may have caused this? Note other file types seem OK, doc, xls etc I attach a typical drawing that displays this error. CCS-259-01.dwg
  3. We are currently using Autocad 2014 and a couple stations using Autocad 2015. For some odd reason lately our drawings are being corrupted somehow. It is quite confusing. Say we create a drawing at 8AM and save and print it. Later that day we want to open it to make a revision and when we double click to open the drawing, it doesnt want to open. Almost like the file doesnt exist. I run recovery and it says no errors detected but still doesnt open it. Tried using insert(says invalid), xref(says invalid), etc.. nothing. THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS, is I have to logon to our Conference room computer that still has trusty ole AutoCAD 2002 installed and I am able to open it from there. However, the fun doesnt stop there. If I open and save the drawing from that station I am still unable to open from 2014/2015. I have to CTRL+A and copy everything into a "NEW" drawing then save that drawing over the existing one. Only then am I able to open this drawing. Am I missing something? Is there anyone else out there experiencing this? Please chime in. Thanks
  4. Our server went down today and unfortunately our Master AutoCad "working" file folder did as well. We were able to get it restored however all of our blocks that we actively use for toolbars, drop down menus, or thru insert command are all saying invalid file. I am still stumped as to how this happened and am only seeking possible advice to get quite a few blocks and stuff I created over the last 3 days and for educational purposes. I do in fact backup all of our blocks every now and again but these newbies were created within a day or so ago so they werent backed up. I tried running recover, nothing. We are back up and running with my backup copy I just saved the old copy as "OLD" for testing purposes and to see if I can find a solution. Any advice and discussion helps. Thanks
  5. I am having issues with my main .stb file type; when I open the file I receive an error stating,"Invalid style name." The file opens but I can only modify existing styles, I cannot add new styles. Outside if mimicking a full new copy of the plot style, I'm stuck on this one. If I can't fix this, anyone know a way to change stb plot styles across multiple drawings? I'm on C3D 2015. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi, I work at my local council as a trainee engineer, we recently recieved a drawing back from a consultant. Being the trainee i have to 'fix' it. The issue is when i try to insert our own blocks ie (title block) it comes up with invalid and wont perform the command. Same thing if i try to copy and paste anything into the drawing. The only way ive found around this issue (if i must get something into the drawing) is to draft it up in another drawing then xref it in. I am guessing there must be a glitch with this file? I am currently using 2009 version of autocad, the drawing was saved in 2011, but it has been saved in compatibility mode for 2009. I have tried a number of things, the block im inserting isn't creating a loop so thats not the issue. I've opened the drawing and saved it back to an earlier file type, that hasn't helped. Tried resetting my pgp file as i thought it might be my acad as our computers at work are below or just at minimum standards and they are constantly crashing. Would anyone be able to help me? or suggest something to try? Cheers
  7. I was working in AutoCAD 07 yesterday doing my hotel plans and it crashed so I opened it and recovered it and continued to work in the recovered file and even though I saved it under a new name it wont open, I cant recover, I cant open it in any other program (sketchup, covnert to PDF) It is saying drawing file is not valid, when I try insert it on a new CAD document as a dwg reference it says invalid and when I try insert it as a block it says it was created by an incompatible version of AutoCAD?! And even the previous versions I saved wont work (they were recovered too) I do have a file that works from 2 days ago but I've done about 30 hours of work since then I cant lose that work I need the plans by Monday!!! Does anyone know anything that can help me recover it!!!!! :ouch:
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