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Wireframes behaving as if solid / hidden in AC2011 - how revert to old behavior ?


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In AutoCAD 2011, using 3d wireframe Visual Style, by default, clicking in any (non-visible surface of a) 3d solid results in that solid being selected, even if the click is made directly on a line of an object "behind" the 3d solid.


AutoCAD 2010 did not do this by default. By default, AC2010, in 3d wireframe visual style, behaved such that a click on any "hidden" (though visible, obviously, due to wireframe mode) line resulted in that ("hidden") object being selected, and not the "nearer" object - in other words, AC2010 allowed clicks "through" solid objects (whose surfaces were not visible due to wireframe visual style).


Does anyone know the option to make 2011 revert to how 2010 behaved? Specifically, in wireframe mode, I'd like to be able to click on any object's wireframe line and have that specific object be selected, irrespective of any other objects whose (invisible) surfaces I might be clicking "through".



Also, FYI, AC2011 feels about three times slower than AC2010 in terms of 3d orbit performance.

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I tried testing this in AutoCAD 2011 but could not reproduce the problem.


I created two extruded boxes, a large one and a small one. The large box is in front of the small box. I did this in 2D wireframe. I then switched my visual style to 3D wireframe. I could pick the small box through the large box with no problem.


Could you post the drawing so we can experiment with it?


I have no performance issues with 2011 and my work system (Win XP Pro 32-bit with 4GB of RAM) does not have specs as good as yours. We've had this discussion before in another thread haven't we?

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I just noticed a discrepancy between my desktop and laptop. My Desktop can "see thru" the objects in front and select the obscured objects in 3Dwireframe, but my laptop can only do this in 2Dwireframe. As far as I know, all the settings are the same on both, except my laptop only has a 64MB video card so hardware acceleration is disabled.



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I am having the same issue, although intermittently, in 2014. The selectionmode line cmd mentioned above does not resolve.


I should add that it only happens when I have a drawing cmd active (line, 3dpoly, etc..). When I'm just viewing and throwing the cursor around, it selects the 'hidden' line just fine.


Would hate to think it's a glitch, but I haven't been able to locate a definitive way to activate/deactivate this 'feature'

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I just upgraded to AutoCAD 2016 and am now having the same problem as described earlier in this thread.

I can select objects that are behind other objects, but once I start a command, my model does not recognize faces or points that are not on the surface of my model.


Has anyone found a fix for this?

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I've been through all of the "drafting settings" and "options" looking for potential fixes. But other than that, I'm not really sure what else to try.

I'm only slightly above average when it comes to computer competency. I heavily rely on Google when it comes to troubleshooting things like this.

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After messing around a little more, I've noticed that my osnaps react differently, depending on what command I am in the middle of.

While in the middle of the "move" command, AutoCAD recognized osnaps of objects that were behind other objects.

While in the middle of trying to draw a line, AutoCAD did not recognize osnaps of objects that were behind other objects.


These two pictures illustrate that. You can see that the face of the wide flange web has been lit up while I'm trying to draw a line starting on the midpoint of the channel behind it. AutoCAD seems to think I only want to work on the front surface most of the time.




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I currently have 3DSELECTIONMODE set to "1" and I am able to draw a line starting at the midpoint of the channel behind the wide beam flange while using a 2Dwireframe visual style. I can also do it using the X-ray visual style.

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