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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone, While i'm using autocad2017, when i need to move blocks, big or small dimensions, it gets unbelievable slow, impossible to work with. When i need to move blocks i use AutoCAD2015, it doesn't get slow at all. only on 2017's version. Is there any option i should consider?
  2. In AutoCAD 2011, using 3d wireframe Visual Style, by default, clicking in any (non-visible surface of a) 3d solid results in that solid being selected, even if the click is made directly on a line of an object "behind" the 3d solid. AutoCAD 2010 did not do this by default. By default, AC2010, in 3d wireframe visual style, behaved such that a click on any "hidden" (though visible, obviously, due to wireframe mode) line resulted in that ("hidden") object being selected, and not the "nearer" object - in other words, AC2010 allowed clicks "through" solid objects (whose surfaces were not visible due to wireframe visual style). Does anyone know the option to make 2011 revert to how 2010 behaved? Specifically, in wireframe mode, I'd like to be able to click on any object's wireframe line and have that specific object be selected, irrespective of any other objects whose (invisible) surfaces I might be clicking "through". Also, FYI, AC2011 feels about three times slower than AC2010 in terms of 3d orbit performance.
  3. Dear all; Why this happens!!! I had open a file (size 37MB), it is almost purged I just purge 4 nos. of layer, 3 blocks, 1 line type & 9 registered applications deleted. Now save, the file size become 80MB I am using AutoCAD 2013 (Pirated software, which downloaded from some torrent websites) thanks Romano
  4. djolegaf

    Civil 3D 2014 very slow

    Hi everyone, this is first time that I am posting on this forum, and I hope that I will get help. I am using Civil 3D 2014, and a couple days ago I changed my ATI HD 4850 with Nvidia GTX 570 2.5GB. And I did not noticed any improvement with new card! My road is about 5 km long, I have about 3000 points, surface, alignment and corridor are in different dwg files and are connected through Data Shortcuts. And I still have problem with viewing corridor in 3D orbit, even in 2D Wireframe everything is so slow, almost as when I had old 4850. Grip edit in alignment is simply impossible, superelevation edit is slow as it was before upgrade. I was hoped that I will get a better performance with GTX 570, since it is powerful card, but now I am very disappointed. So I am interested does any of you had experience with this GPU, did had similar problems with slow workflow of civil 3d, or problem is maybe in some other component. My cpu is Phenom II X4 960T, RAM 4GB 1800MHz DDR3 (it never goes over 60-70 % load), SATA HDD. I will be glad if someone could help me with proper advice, since I will not be happy if I should change my GPU again!
  5. Hi guys, I work in a company that has 6 CAD drafters. We are all running AutoCAD 2013 on the same machines with same specs and everything. We are running Dell Precision WorkStation T7500 x64 Windows 7 Professional 64 bit with Intel Xeon CPU (E5620 @2.40 GHz, 4 cores) BIOS: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A13 NVIDIA Quadro 2000 or ATI FirePro V5800 However, only 1 person in the department keeps consistently having slow processing problems with his AutoCAD. I have updated his drivers, ran all the audits/cleanups on the files, turned off all unnecessary things (i've been trying to fix this a while) and it is still taking anywhere from 5 seconds to over 5 minutes sometimes to simply save a file (the filesize in the case of today is only 288KB and it functions fine on my machine). Since we are all running essentially the same thing, I have not been able to figure out what else to do to solve this problem. The IT guy has also tried pretty much everything and no clue. Yesterday I pulled up his task manager and it said that his CAD was taking up 1,456,000 memory whereas mine runs at its slowest at about 1/3rd of that. Restarts don't help, and he isn't running more programs than anyone else here. We all run the same basic stuff (if anything I run more than him because I also play music and sometimes I have 2 CAD instances open.) Also, there is no anti-virus program doing scans in the background, that is set to like 2 am or something. The problem seems to start when he first gets here in the morning and lasts consistently all day, according to him. Any suggestions? At this point I am desperate and looking for any solutions before we completely wipe his computer and reinstall everything. Thank you in advance!
  6. hey guys, been having some odd performance with my student version of 13. i've completely uninstalled and re downloaded it from autodesk with the sp and update 1, and it still does it. it would be a few things. first off, when i create a new part the ribbon stays grayed out for quite a bit, but seems to load a bit faster if i click it. when it finally comes to, it works and is ok in speed, but some icons seems to lag a bit when loading and flipping from tab to tab. the view cube no longer highlights the edges when you hover over them with your cursor. its performance is laggy it seems, i can still click the edges and it will eventually snap the view to them, but is not snappy like it used to be at all!! clicking in the tree is also laggy like this, it works, but is very slow in response. i have a 3d mouse, just updated all its drivers, and it still does it. i've gone through a couple updates on the graphics card (gtx 680), and it seems to have started since then. i don't think i launched inventor all that much since my last update on the card, and this has all started after that. i'm going to try and revert back a few updates and see if that helps, but that's why i'm posting this. if anyone has heard or seen of this type of thing, were you able to get it resolved? what did you do? any help is appreciated!! -thanks
  7. Firstly thanks for all your help on previous questions. On most occasions, when closing a dwg file with other dwg files still open, a dialog box will open saying ‘non responsive program, autocad must close’. The remaining open files losing any work on them done since I last hit save ( i thought when it opens in recovery mode the recovered files would be saved to within 10 minutes of the crashed application as that’s what the AC settings are set to). Autodesk tech support asked me to move the dwg files off the server to see if the problem persists. So far so good but its only been 2 days. And ideally the files must be on the server. (IT recently renewed the server. The problem was also there before however). Another problem I’ve had is a slow response ( 5 to 20 seconds ) when making certain commands, in particular switching between model space and paper space (even with files on the local drive). Zooming in and out also seriously labours AC (but not with all files I work with). Having also mentioned the above to Autodesk support it was suggested that we temporarily disable the security and observe the response. Something of note, I’ve clicked the performance settings tab which opens the performance tuning dialog which has the enable hardware acceleration checked. ( autocad notes that my graphics card is unknown, and to run hardware acceleration at your own risk). When I hit the ‘check for updates’ button another window opens saying ‘a newer version of the graphics card and driver database that is used for performance tuning is available’. Clicking the yes button brings up yet another window which reads “ performance tuner failed to update. Please check your network connection and make sure you have write permission to the file” Its a steep learning curve for me and may well result in realising some incorrect settings or practices I have with the program. I appreciate your input here, if you can think of anything to add. What else should I trial? Etc...
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