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AutoCad2011 Interface display error


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Hi, the interface in AutoCad 2011 becomes messed up randomly. (see pic)

The program has worked fine until now.

Anyone have some ideas on what to do?


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Looks like a graphics card issue to me.


What are your system specs?


I've had one or two cases where I get some weird graphics in 2011 and 2010 as well. I posted an example not too long ago of where I could look right through a dialog box at a portion of my screen that was behind it. Very strange. It happened once and hasn't happened again. This was on my work computer. My home computer has had no such problems. The specs under Computer Details below my avatar on the left are for my home computer.

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Describe the circumstances under which the problem manifests itself.


Are you working in 2D or 3D?


Does it happen consistently or randomly?


Is one drawing more prone to this type of problem than any others?


It appears the problem is mainly at the top of your screen where the Ribbon resides. Does it ever affect the drawing area itself?

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The problem occurs pretty randomly, but when it happens it’s either when I change workspace or press a command in the ribbon. Not any special command, it could be anyone. It can also happen when I open the materials browser.

This problem has only affected the ribbon area so far.

I don’t think 2D or 3D matters, It’s like the same. And it’s not one drawing that is more or affected than another.

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My other strange display circumstance happens at the opposite end of the screen (bottom). AutoCAD will truncate the command line area to about a tenth of its normal size. If I change workspaces the problem corrects itself. Your problem occurs when you change workspaces. Similar but different just the same.


Have you tried updating your graphics drivers?


Have you tried turning off hardware acceleration to see if that has any affect?

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Well I was close.


"Have you tried updating your graphics drivers?"


I just sugested the wrong direction (update vs. roll back).


We're glad to hear you have solved your problem. Thank you for updating us. :)

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