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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, Our design team, all using AutoCAD 2021, is facing an issue where sometimes (not every time, but maybe 3 or 4 times a day each) when changing from Model space to any paper space layout, CAD will freeze and become unrecoverable. Our computers easily meet the requirements for AutoCAD, and it is happening across both desktop and laptop workstations. We have tried various fixes by changing certain system variables etc, but nothing has fixed the issue. According to my boss, this problem has occurred as far back as the 2017 version of CAD. Does anyone have any ideas on how to diagnose this most frustrating problem? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi everybody, I am converting some excel formulas to Visual Lisp. I found a difference between results of a same follwing formula: (I changed cells to numbers to simplify the problem.) in Excel: =0.6*2400*1.15*1170*1.1/100000 ---> result: 21.31272 In AutoLISP: (/(* 0.6 2400.0 1.15 1170.0 1.1) 100000.0) ---> result: 21.3127 While AutoLISP isn't as correct as Excel. Any help to get a result like Excel is appreciated.
  3. Dell Optiplex 3020 AutoCAD 2019 updated (P.61.0.0 AutoCAD 2019.0.1) Logitech M500 corded mouse I am in paperspace, zooming in and out, copying item tag blocks over a locked viewport. The view in the viewport will suddenly act as if I am IN an unlocked viewport and zooms out/pans. Hitting undo a few times gets it back to the right view. It only happens occasionally and only since I upgraded to 2019. As 2018 got buggy and kept crashing, I can't go back to it. Saved/exited/reopened the drawing...still does it. Purge...still does it. Audit...still does it. Dxfout & open dxf...still does it. I notice that whenever it happens, the viewport goes from Annotation scale: 3/32 = 1'-0", Standard scale: 3/32 = 1'-0", Custom scale: 0" to Annotation scale: 3/32 = 1'-0", Standard scale: Custom, Custom scale: 0" Attached is the drawing saves as 2013 viewport problem.dwg
  4. Hi for everyone. I made a dynamic block for doors by combining some tricks learnt from other dynamic block. By the way thanks for the shared ideas. I am almost satisfied with the result but I still have two things to figure out.: 1. If the block is rotated by a rotate action and I enter a zero value for an another linear parameter it gets messed up. The grip arrow turns horizontal or vertical (following the UCS not the current rotation) and if I re-enter a non-zero value it gets more messed up. 2. The other issue is harder to explain.: The block haves two rectangles, two linear parameters and one flip parameter. The first linear parameter stretches the shorter rectangle, the second stretches the longer one and stretch/moves the shorter one and also moves the flip parameter halfway. It works great as long as I don’t use the second linear parameter AFTER I used the flip parameter. I want to keep stretching the longer rectangle always downward and keep the sides of the rectangles col-linear but if I flip the short rectangle... well try it out. You will know what I mean. I include the current version of the dynamic door block and two other simplified block focusing just on the problems. PROBLEM 2.dwg PROBLEM 1.dwg DVERE A LA VIKTOR v13.dwg
  5. Hey guys, I am having an issue I've never seen before. I am trying to publish a set of drawings into one PDF file with DWG to PDF. However, when I do it looks like this (blackout added): When I zoom extents the drawing, it shows there's nothing out there. The page size is 11X17 and it plots to that size. When I plot the drawings individually it looks like this: I am really stumped on what it could be and welcome any insights.
  6. Hey everyone, I am new to drafting and been having trouble with Osnaps and Ortho clashing when i draw lines, plines, measure and etc. Pretty much anytime i type in a command, and sometimes randomly. What i mean is that whenever i press F3 which is key bound to snaps or F8 which is key bound to Ortho they scramble up. Example: Im drawing a line to the edge of another line so to keep it straight i press ortho but it turns osnaps off, so i press osnaps to turn it back on, but it than turns my ortho off. So i press osnaps again and it actually turn it back, so than i go back to pressing ortho and it turns my osnaps off again and its a big merry-go-round that takes up to 5 minutes to get correct. Sometimes i just end up closing AutoCAD completely to fix this, but after awhile it starts back up again. If anyone knows how to fix this, it would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  7. In my AD Inventor 2015 when I open the mirror function the pop-up window appears but I cant select any objects or mirror planes. It could be because I use Inventor multi-monitor (One for tutorial videos, the other for ADI) and when I click to pause the tutorial ADI is no longer the active window & that causes the glitch. When I close the pop-up window and reopen it again then it works. Does any one else get the same thing?
  8. I'm using AutoCAD 2015 on a 2D drawing, and usually use CTRL-C and CTRL-V for my copying. Today, for some reason, everything I copyclip and pasteclip comes out as a block reference. It happened first with a single-segment polyline, then I tried a few other objects - dtext, rectangle, closed polyline. Same thing. The regular copy command still works fine, however. Anyone have any idea what's going on? Is this a setting I inadvertently changed, or a bug? Also, this is a file I've been working in regularly for a year, and it's just today that I saw this problem for the first time.
  9. Hi there. Problem : I`m trying to create a sheet set from existing drawing. When I browse to the folder where the drawing is, it doesn`t show me it in "Choose Layouts" window. I tried renaming the drawing, putting it in another folder, deleting all *.dst files but no success. Few days ago, it worked fine. I can still see the older versions (backups) of my drawing, but they are not actual (lot of work done since). Is there something I`m missing? Can you help me with this issue? Thanks for help.
  10. Hello there, First post I have encountered a strange symbol that affects lines: 2 little blue boxes. What happens when i see these symbols, If I move a line and it's connected to other lines it will latch onto them and effectively drag them. I don't want it to do this, I don't know what to search for, spent a few days trying to find what it is because it nearly ruined a whole development! My boss is unsure what it is too. Running autocad 2013. Here's a picture: many thanks for help!
  11. Hey everyone, I have recently come across a new issue I'm having with my Civil 3D 2013 when converting my DWGs to DGNs. It seems that if a DWG is saved in 2013 and then converted to DGN using Microstation V8i (or exporting from CAD) any complex linestyles come into the DGN with "?"'s where the linestyle should be showing up. Army Corps of Engineers standard TREEL (tree line) or DUCT (duct bank) linetypes for example. I have tried reloading the linestyles in Microstation and then updating the drawings but nothing has worked. Luckily, I still had 2012 Civil 3D on my workstation, so I went back and saved the files using 2012 and then converted them and voila everything looked great. Has anyone come across this issue yet and found a workaround? Any ideas on what I can do to fix this issue?
  12. I just installed Autocad 2013 as a trial to test it out and I like it. I noted two flaws in my installation and I was wondering if it's just me/my hardware or if somebody else noted the same behavior. On the ribbon (affects all panels and work spaces) as well as in tool tips the last letters of commands are missing (screenshot). After working for a while and having multiple objects selected, hitting M + Enter key triggers directly the displacement command and doesn't give me the option of a simple move command. Running the command from the toolbar continues to work as expected. I would be curious to hear your opinion. Best regards.
  13. Hello everyone! I've installed AutoCAD 2011 and used for about two months normally without any problem (stand-alone license). After that it started to appear a small black window at start (as seen on pic.) and when it appears the program stops responding. The screen doesn't appear everytime I start the program, only 9 times out of 10. Please help me if you have any info about this bug!!! I've tried reinstalling, same result! Will retyping license help me? And how can I do it!
  14. When creating 3D sections some solids randomly disappear from screen. I create sections from 3D drawings using the section plane command > orthographic > front. Until here everything goes fine and Autocad behaves as expected. As soon as I add a jog to the section plane, some (not necessarily all) solids, which do not touch the section plane, will disappear. Depending on the position of the section plane the missing objects can vary. To avoid this behavior I usually create a copy of my drawing and merge all solids into one solid union with the result that all parts of the drawing are touching the section plane inevitably. That's how it looks: That's how it should look:
  15. Hi every one, Althogh txtexp command of express tools, works fine in the lack of such internal command, but it has a bug. In some cases, it moves newly exploded text far away from the original location and changes the size of it. Is there any suggestion to correct this bug?
  16. Hi, the interface in AutoCad 2011 becomes messed up randomly. (see pic) The program has worked fine until now. Anyone have some ideas on what to do?
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